Downton Abbey Wedding Inspiration

Alright PBS. Downton Abbey starts tonight, and this is your chance to redeem yourself after killing all my favorite characters last season. I’m still not over it.

If you haven’t seen it, or somehow forgot, let’s recap what happened last season… Matthew and Mary finally get married and Edith again tries to fall in love. Sybil passes away while having a baby and Matthew and Mary get pregnant. With minutes left in the season finale we see Matthew and Mary overwhelmed with happiness at the birth of their son. Seconds later Matthew is happily driving down the road to share the good news when he is abruptly killed in a car accident. The End.

…commence yelling at the TV/PBS/Downton writers for ruining all the love…

Yes, I know the writers didn’t have a choice. It was the actor’s decision to leave, but, seriously?

Season 4 starts tonight on PBS at 9/8C and I’m looking forward to it. Since last season saw the long awaited wedding of Matthew and Mary I thought it would be fun to put together a little Downton Abbey wedding inspiration. If you’re into 1920’s vintage — this is a style you might want to try out.

The show didn’t give us a lot of detail into Matthew and Mary’s wedding, but we do get to see her dress, headpiece, and flowers.



Lady Mary wore a drop waisted, lace and silk wedding dress. It had long sleeves and the lace layer came to a ‘V’ in the back.

The drop waist, high collar, sleeves and lace layer are all common 1920’s elements. Below are a few dresses that have modern twists on these elements.

  1. This dress by Charlie Brear has a drop waist and cowl back.
  2. Dress by Chaviano Couture. I am in love with the lace sleeves on this dress!
  3. Dress by Jenny Packhamphotograph by Ozzy Garcia. I think the back of this dress is gorgeous. I imagine the back V of Mary’s dress might have looked a little like this.



The headpiece is definitely my favorite part of Mary’s look. I’m not much of a tiara girl but I did wear a headpiece at my wedding.



  1. Double Crystal Scallop Headwrap by Jennifer Behr. I like the geometric patter of this one.
  2. Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart. I couldn’t stop looking at Liv’s work. It is STUNNING.
  3. Brass halo by Mignonne HandmadeGlitter and Grit in Pittsburgh carries this line!



Mary carried white calla lilies with greenery – a simple and classic bouquet. There are a couple ways you could recreate this look:

  1. A little different take on Mary’s bouquet – same monochromatic color pallet but in peonies instead of calla lilies. Photo by Stacey Hedman; floral by New England Gardens.
  2. This bouquet by Passion For Flowers has a great vintage feel if you decide to go with a real vintage dress. Photo by Emma Case Photography.
  3. If you want to recreate Mary’s exact look — simple white calla lilies are your best bet. Photo by Christina McNeill; floral by Hunt Littlefield.


We also see in the series that the townspeople decorated the little town with white bunting. Bunting is a common DIY decoration these days, although I’m sure Lady Mary did not make her own. That’s the whole point of being “Lady Mary” you have your own personal DIY team downstairs.


Enjoy the season premier tonight, everyone! You know I’ll be watching. Maybe this will finally be Edith’s year! I sure hope so, that girl deserves a break. 🙂


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