Hi there, I'm Cara

I’m an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, flower farmer and Great British Baking Show enthusiast.

When I’m not behind the camera I can be found taking my daughter and puppy on walks around Highland Park and doing any sort of gardening - whether that’s veggies my raised bed garden in Pittsburgh or for the small flower farm I keep back in my home state of Ohio. I also eat a lot of Thai takeout and drink a lot of coffee.

I absolutely LOVE working with business owners who want to feel more confident sharing their story and products online. Empowering fellow entrepreneurs with beautiful photos that they can’t wait to show off is my favorite part of my job!

I truly believe in the power of visual storytelling, whether it's for a brand wanting to create a cohesive aesthetic or a couple planning a small and intentional wedding. These are both stories that deserve to be told honestly and beautifully.

My goal as a photographer is to help you present yourself in a way that feels authentic and intentional. I know you don't make decisions on a whim and I don't either. I can't wait to talk through all the details with you!

Fun things you might not know about me:

My favorite flower is snap dragons! I still remember making them bite my finger as a kid. This year I’m growing them in 4 different colors for our flower farm.

*this is subject to change depending on whatever is blooming in my garden*


I am not a good speller! I’m just want to say this upfront because I’m probably going to send you an email with a typo in it. It’s just who I am, now that you know about it, we can move on :-)


I started my business is 2013, and back then I was a jack-of-all-trades… graphic designer, web designer, photographer… should I go on? The biggest thing I have learned while running a business is how to constantly refocus on my gifts instead of trying to do ALL THE THINGS.


I want to be good at baking, but the truth is I’m mostly just good at following directions. I am always in awe of people who can create their own recipes and put together untraditional flavor combinations!