Allyson and Josh: Southside Engagement Session

These two, Allyson and Josh, they are my kind of people. They like good coffee and they aren’t afraid of a slightly overwhelming antique store.

Allyson and Josh are getting married this fall at the Pittsburgh Opera, but for their engagement session we headed to the Southside which is a neighborhood full of personality.

I will admit, I may have over-planned for this session. I planned for a polar vortex and had plenty of indoor locations scouted, but weather was actually quite nice and we could have shot outside more. Better to be safe then sorry, right?

We started the day at Big Dog Coffee and then walked to Zenith Antique Store which is just a few blocks away. Zenith is a really fun spot to take photos. There are so many things going on inside that store the possibilities are endless! After Zenith there was just enough time to snap a few quick photos on the streets of the Southside and at Southside Riverfront Park.


Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-1 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-7Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-2 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-3

Recognize those mugs?  😉Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-4 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-6 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-9Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-8Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-5Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-11Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-10Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-12Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-13Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-14Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-16Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-17Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-15 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-19Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-21Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-20 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-18Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-24Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-22 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-23Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-27Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-28 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-26 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-25 Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-29Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-30Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-32Pittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-34Pittsburgh Opera PhotographerPittsburgh_Opera_Wedding_Photographer-36


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AHHHHHH I really LOVE this session… the textures and colors and emotions are really wonderful. Amazing job, Cara!

Cara these are great. Love the antique shop and those coffee cups made by Joe!! ♥♥

Yay!!! Can’t stop looking through these!