In pictures: Summer 2013

It’s October, the most glorious month of all, and what am I doing… blogging about Summer. I know #everyoneLOVESfall.

I’m certainly not trying to discredit Fall. I too love Fall, but a lot of things happened this summer and I want to remember them. Taking pictures is my way of remembering.

So here we go Summer 2013 went like this…

June started out just as it always does – amazingly slow. June is when I think Summer will last forever. When our friends gather and hang out on porches with the sole purpose of enjoying the night sky. We talk about how amazing Summer is going to be and all the fun we’re going to have. …. let’s all take a collective sigh for June…

Then July happens. This year July was a roller coaster of fun and stress, alternating weeks of vacation, work, and vacation again will do that.

Joe also turned the big 3-0 in July. I really wanted to have a party; he did not. We compromised – I baked him a cake shaped like his dream wood kiln and he let me invite over 25 of our closest friends. I also promised to not buy party hats and make everyone play kickball. Deal.


My favorite part of July is always the lake. Every year all the Rufenachts pile into cars and head up to our favorite place, Lake Avalon, in Michigan. We spend a week sitting in the sun, eating like champions, and generally enjoying each other’s company. It’s a lot of work get 30+ people together every year but that’s also the best part – that everyone makes it a priority to be there.

My cousins spend a lot of time doing this at the lake…


I spend most of my time NOT doing that, but I do manage to ski a few rounds every year. This year someone stopped at our dock and asked if we were running a ski club… haha, nope, but now that I’m thinking about it… kind of.

If you’re a Rufenacht, you ski. I learned when I was 6 years old.




Joe and I spent 19 consecutive days apart this summer due to grad school schedules and vacations not lining up. The number one thing I learned during this time is that it is not fun to facetime 19 nights in a row. Just talk on the phone, or better yet send some funny emoticon texts.

We were reunited in August for the Delphia family vacation at Litchfield Beach, SC. This was my first Delphia vacation, and it was fun to see how Joe’s family vacations. We stayed in the same house they rented for over 15 years when Joe was growing up.

Litchfield Beach is beautiful. I hope we go back for years to come.




This was also our first vacation with our niece Geneva. She spent a lot of time doing this and requesting more water for her sand creations, it was priceless.




South Carolina has the most beautiful trees. We went to this place called Brookgreen Gardens several times, and I spent most of my time there attempting to photograph the spanish moss that grows on live oak trees.





The rest of August was kind of a blur of catching up, working, working some more, and canning tomatoes. That carried over into September, which is why you’re reading this in October.

See how we came full circle. We’re right back in October wishing it could last until March. Happy Fall!



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