A Look Back at Our Wedding

Today is our five year anniversary! Whoa. That was fast.

I have so many fond memories of that day. To celebrate I decided to share a few photos from our day with some reflections and confessions looking back on it now.

Joe and I had a country wedding on the lawn behind the church I attended growing up. It was July in Northwest Ohio, during the middle of wheat harvest, and it was HOT.

We had a first look on our wedding day and I LOVED that. However we decided to do our first look at high noon in the middle of the unshaded lawn. Hello harsh light and strong shadows! People: do not do this to your photographer! Listen to them when they suggest locations with nice, soft light.

reflections from a wedding photographerour-wedding-2our-wedding-3

We planted a tree during our ceremony instead of lighting a unity candle. CONFESSION: this tree has since died! 🙁 Luckily it was not an accurate representation of our marriage!


I distinctly remember our fathers each giving a blessing during the ceremony. We didn’t have a typical giving away of the bride so this was our way of incorporating our parents into the ceremony.

I both cried and laughed during their speeches.


This is my favorite moment and my favorite photo of the whole day. It was taken right after we exited the ceremony. That’s our reception tent in the background.


After the ceremony we went on a tractor ride. Did I mention that this was a country wedding… you should be noticing a theme here…


At the reception everyone drank from handmade ceramic cups that Joe made. This was one of my favorite details from our wedding. We still have people tell us that they are using the cups in their homes. Each one had the date 7-10-10 stamped on the bottom.


We had peonies at our wedding… peonies that were refrigerated for 6 WEEKS! These peonies were from Joe’s mom’s garden. She picked them, wrapped them in wet newspaper, and refrigerated them until a week or two before the wedding. They bloomed just in time.


Our wedding was in 2010, just before Pinterest exploded. This handmade backdrop was the most pinteresty thing at our wedding… It is also the ONLY helpful idea that I got from a wedding magazine.


These past five years have been filled with laughter and adventure, ups and downs, and great memories. We’ve started new jobs, bought a house, quit jobs, renovated a kitchen, planted SO MANY tomato plants, killed SO MANY house plants, gone back to school, and started a business.

It’s been a great 5 years and I’m looking forward to the next 50.



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