The End of the Wedding Era

I have been thinking about this announcement for over a year now, but when I finally sat down to write it I didn’t know where or how to start. You see, I have loved photographing weddings for nearly 10 years, but it is time to move on, and 2019 was my final season as a wedding photographer.

There are so many memories that stand out to me over the last decade – everything from charming family moments to completely random we just got photobombed by Antonio Brown (!) moments. I have laughed and cried through countless ceremonies, vows and first dances all with a camera in my hand.

There was the time the limo driver backed into my car 20 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start, the Game of Thrones themed wedding, or the time my bride and groom got stuck in a row boat and had to be rescued by a very large and strong stranger… I could go on and on as I’m sure most wedding photographers could. Needless to say, it was a fun job and always full of surprises.

But the most important thing I want to say is thank you. Thank you to the couples who welcomed me into their lives on such an important day – it was an honor I never took for granted. Being a wedding photographer is like getting a backstage pass into the cool kids club for the day. Thank you for making me feel like family and like we’ve been friends forever.

The people I met (on all sides of weddings) are what I will cherish the most. I have fellow photographers who are now some of my best friends, clients who come back each year with their growing families, and fellow business owners who are a constant stream of support and inspiration.

Please know that I’m not giving up photography all together! Quite the opposite actually, I’m refocusing on Brand Photography.

Brand photography for small businesses is something I’ve been doing along side weddings for a couple of years and I’m excited to focus solely on it now. Back when I had a “day job” it was in the marketing/branding world so this type of photography feeds both of my passions. I could talk about color pallets, client relationships, textures, core values and aesthetics all day long, haha!

If you don’t understand what Brand Photography is you’re not alone. You can check out the services page on my site for a brief explanation, and I plan to write in the coming months about why it’s important. But this post isn’t supposed to be a sales pitch, this is about – first and foremost – saying thank you.

Thank you for supporting my business. Thank you for making my dreams a reality. Thank you for trusting me with your most precious memories. I loved walking alongside you on one of your biggest days… from the bottom of my heart, thank you.