Celebrating 70 Years

As a photographer, it means the world to me to know that the photos I take will be keepsakes for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren some day. My parent’s and grandparent’s wedding photos are some of my most cherished possessions. Joe and I have a wall in our house dedicated to family wedding photos. I call it the wall of LOVE…

This afternoon I took two photos off that wall and snapped a few pictures of them. My grandparents, Calvin and Marjorie Short, are celebrating their seventieth wedding anniversary today… that’s right 7-0!

Here they are on their wedding day April 1st, 1945.


And here they are today. Well, this was technically taken in October but close enough.


I love these two so much and have an endless supply of memories involving them.

My grandma is a spitfire. She will tell you what she thinks no matter who is listening. She was also a quilter, a painter and my number one babysitter growing up. My grandpa is a story teller and a comic at heart. He still writes for a newspaper, documenting the stories and history that many have forgotten.


But wait, there is more! My parents were also married on April 1st. Cork and Peg are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary today!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you.

Dad, look at all your hair 😉



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