Photography for that ring-on-your-finger, this-is-really-happening moment

On your wedding day, some moments will be joyful and loud, others intimate and quiet, together they will tell your love story for generations to come. I’ll capture the iconic first kiss moments, the heartfelt hidden embraces and everything in between.

Philosophy & Style


Your wedding is one day when everything should go perfectly, and I truly hope it does! But the surprises will be a part of your story too. They’ll be the stories you tell 20 years from now. I want you to know that I’ll be with you no matter what happens. Rain or shine, we're in this together.

The days of cookie cutter weddings are long gone. You can make this celebration as big, small, epic, quiet, downtown glamorous, out in the woods, over the top, or under the bottom as you want. My only hope for you is that you look back at your wedding and say, “We loved this day because it felt like us.”

What you want from me (and what I want for you) are the moments of your day where you are basking in the warmth of good love. So let’s steal away for a few minutes and just savor. Let’s cherish this time - right here, right now – when there is nothing but happiness in your heart.

Booking & Availability

Photography is an art. For us to connect and for me to be at my most creative, it is necessary to take a break to recharge and refresh. So that I make my best work and you have the best experience possible, I only accept around 10 weddings per year.

Wedding collections begin at $3,600.
All collections are subject to 7% PA sales tax.

I also respect that some weddings are smaller, just as meaningful events, so please contact me for a custom quote if you have a unique situation.
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